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Life is a Song
Fri Jul 9 04:06:13 2010
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 ady1321 image By Ady1321
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01/07/2010 1 30 am Nothing new in that ? but yes the "sur" keeps on changing with the change of time- there are moments when you just feel caressed by melancholy- one enjoys the solitude, its "me" time . Thats when you come up close and personal with yourself- this moment of solitude throws up so many questions pertaining to your own life. yes you have achieved a lot, money, comfort, companionship all of it, Yet there is something thats missing. And its this feeling of something missing that triggers the search for the unknown- a unknown feeling, an unknown moment of truth,an unknown unseen companion, an unknown aspect of yourself- anything that would give you solace and peace in those moments- and then again starts yet another search- perhaps this is what makes us so very human - thats what differentiates us as humans- search for self is infinite ! 02/07/2010 3:00 pm To let go of a relationship is perhaps the most painful of all events in one`s life. Sometimes relationships are beyond reasons, beyond explanations, they just come into existence as two people bond with each other - its sprititual, its emotional is completely human. Yet it may not ever fit into any bracketed definition of any relationship of human equations. This is where the pain starts- though the ones in it would never like to define it- but social norms demand it and thats where the real test of your emotional bond comes into existence, Those who can withstand- find bliss and others who just give in find themselves in pain. And the flip side to it- the agony persists life long, it does abate as time heals yet time and again moments and circumstances makes one relive the pain and slip into agony- But thats the song of life- kabhi khushi kabhi gham !

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