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Indian Idol - Session 5
Mon Jun 28 22:31:03 2010
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 saumyasharma image By Saumyasharma
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The fifth season is being judged by Anu Malik, along with new judges Salim Merchant and Sunidhi chauhan.The judges had selected top 112 contestants from across the country. After several rounds, the judges selected the top 16 contestants. Then after public voting, a total of 6 were directly given entry to top 12 (Indian Idol Gala) while out of remaining 10, only seven were chosen by judges on the basis of their live performance at the Indian Idol Stage. Now the selected top 13 will compete for the title of Indian Idol 5. This time the selected singers seemed to be more promising than ever before, as per Anu Malik and the other judges .On Episode aired on 13 May 2010, Judges of India Idol - Anu Malik, Sunidhi Chauhan and Salim Merchant selected top 13 finalists for the Gala Rounds. Names of Top 13 Finalists are Bhumi Trivedi, Vishwas Rai, Swaroop Khan, Sashi Suman, Manisha Karmakar, Tia Kar, Shivam Pathak, Naushad Ali Kawa, Shreeramchandra, Arpita Khan, Meghna Kumar, Rakesh Maini and Yashraj Kapil. Vishwas Rai was eliminated in Gala Round 1, Meghna Kumar in Gala Round 2, Manisha Karmarkar the next week and Yashraj Kapil next and Arpita Khan the week after that. This week public voted out one of the most promising singer Sashi.

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