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Pine Mobiles
Mon Jun 28 04:36:23 2010
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 preetisongara image By Preetisongara
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 A new mobile manufacturer will make its entry in the already conjested Indian Mobile market very soon. Pine Mobiles, Singapore based cell phone manunfacturer, will commence its Operations in India shortly. The company will enter into Indian market with its mobiles - King, Bee, Executive, Trio and A1. All are Dual sim except for TRIO, which is a 3-sim phone. Pine Mobiles will be targetting rural India (tier 2 and tier 3 cities). As their target segment is rural India so Pine Mobiles' cell phone price are expected to be around Rs 1,800-4,000.

We asked Mr.Rohit Agarwal, CEO, Pine Mobiles, about company's Investment Structure and Investment Plans. He informed us "Pine is a well funded company and have a target of selling half a million phone in the first year. The company also plans to start distribution in neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and in markets with high growth potential in the SAARC region.Pines investments in the first phase will be focused on in-store branding and forging alliances with retailers. The company will further invest in setting up a manufacturing plant in the country."


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