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El DeBarge - Mr Rhythm of the Night - at the 2010 BET Awards! Link to Video and New Song!
Mon Jun 28 02:47:19 2010
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Back in the 80's, girls swooned to songs from El DeBarge like, "Who's Holding Donna Now" "Rhythm of the Night" and "Love Always". 2010 marked the return of El DeBarge at the 2010 BET Awards, with a new single and album! His new album, Second Chance, will be released this fall and sounds great so far! Hopefully, we will get to sample more music from this upcoming album soon! Information, including a video about his new album, can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of this article.

I remember being 13 or 14 in Florida, and trying to mack on this pretty little lady, who of course was named Donna. She had the tape with "Who's holding Donna Now" on it, and I sat and learned all the words  so I could sing the song to her. I got a big smile  and a tender kiss before she told me her boyfriend was pulling in the lot and I had best get out of there. Yes, I yucked my tail and headed for home real fast. But just the memories of that 13/14 year old boy and girl in Wewahitchka, Florida still brings a smile to my face and, ages later, El Debarge's music still brings back those memories! Welcome back El DeBarge. Hope this go great for you on this album!

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