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Thu Jun 24 00:20:38 2010
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 coupleeditor image By Coupleeditor
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Couples is a 1968 novel by John Updike which focuses on a promiscuous circle of ten couples in the small Massachusetts town of Tarbox (Updike was living in Ipswich, Massachusetts when he wrote the book). Much of the plot (which opens on the evening of March 24, 1962 and integrates historical events like the loss of the USS Thresher on April 10, 1963) concerns the efforts of its characters to balance the pressures of Protestant sexual mores against increasingly flexible American attitudes toward sex in the 1960s. The book suggests that this relaxation may have been driven by the development of birth control and the opportunity to enjoy what one character refers to as "the post-pill paradise." The book is rich in period detail. The lyrical and explicit descriptions of sex, unusual for the time, made the book somewhat notorious and provoked a cover story on John Updike in TIME magazine.

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