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Lindsay Lohan's Playboy nudity leaked by Grinch-like hacker
Sat Dec 10 04:36:59 2011
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 pratham image By Pratham
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This is Xmas. The time of no-peeking. The time when the full fruits of the season come to those who wait.

Yet some determined hacker decided that the Xmas gift desired by so many--naked images of Lindsay Lohan in Playboy--would be heartlessly revealed before their time.

Fox News has draped itself around the details of this treasonous act.

It seems the hacker was so determined that he pumped, pushed, and prodded around Playboy's vulnerabilities, until he--it surely had to have been a "he"--found them and uploaded them to a file-sharing site in Russia.

This person was so unscrupulously Grinchish that he downloaded all 200 pages of the Playboy issue and put it together as a complete digital edition.

The hacker told Fox News that, unlike Lohan, he has done this sort of thing before. Yes, he claimed he has previously taken images from Playboy. The magazine reportedly admitted that the photos were real and that they were illegitimately obtained.

Some of you will be wondering about the contents of these photos. Are they fetching? Are they alluring? I could not possibly comment, as I feel this would further contribute to the atmosphere of destroyed expectation.

A few, though, will be wondering whether this attack on a national treasure--coming, as it appears to have, from Russia--might be a cruel and heartless retaliation for the secretary of state's suggestion that last week's elections in Russia were, well, the Emperor's new clothes.

Can we ever again believe that everything comes to those who wait?


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