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Chinese Student Makes Homemade iPad For His Girlfriend
Thu Dec 1 03:03:22 2011
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 ronninviks image By Ronninviks
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A student in Northeast China proved that not every technology gift has to come from a big box store. Wei Xinlong, a student at Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China, wanted to get his girlfriend an iPad as a gift, but lacked the funds to purchase one from a store. So instead he took an old second-hand laptop, a few cheap online parts and a ton of ingenuity and made his own homemade iPad.

Of course, it really isn't a homemade iPad, as the device runs on Windows 7, but the Apple logo on the front, and the Apple logo used for tha background, leave no doubt as to what device this student was trying to emulate.

To make his creation, according to this CNET article, Wei used the Internet to learn as much as he could about how tablets were created. He then bought a touchscreen and a correctly sized battery, two components that a cheap laptop wouldn't have. Finally, he tore apart an old laptop and combined everything to create his homemade iPad. All in all, the device cost him 800 Yuan, which works out to around $125, and took him ten days to complete.

You can find an image of the intriguing little device in this Chinadaily article. The boxy homemade iPad will certainly not be inspiring anyone's next line of tablets, but it is a great symbol of what anyone can accomplish if they put their mind to it. A device like this just has a certain charm that assembly line products simply can't match. Apparently, Wei's girlfriend Sun Shasha agrees. "This is the best gift I've ever had," she said, "and I will keep it forever."

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