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From Garage to Wall Street
Thu Aug 4 02:57:14 2011
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 ronninviks image By Ronninviks
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Google started its first workspace in Susan Wojcicki's garage in Santa Margartia, Menlo Park. Later with their expansion, they outgrew their garage office and moved to new digs in Palo Alto


with just eight employees. In August 1999, they shifted to their first Mountain View location, a few miles south of Stanford University. Today Google is numer uno in Internet business, a search engine providing answers to atleast all the searches of maximum population of the world. In May this year, its unique visitors surpassed one billion mark for the first time, which is an 8.4 percent increase from a year ago with 931 million unique visitors.

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Creative  Sat Oct 8 04:11:09 2011

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