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Prince Charles will declare CWG open
Mon Sep 27 08:04:23 2010
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 madanme image By Madanme
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Ending weeks of speculation over who will inaugurate the Commonwealth Games, the British royal family on Monday announced that Prince Charles will declare the event open instead of President Pratibha Patil.

After confusion grew over who will open the event among the two, Prince Charles’ office Clarence House issued a statement, asserting that the heir-to-the-throne will inaugurate it.

Prince Charles is attending the Games as a representative of Queen Elizabeth II, the ceremonial head of the Commonwealth who will give the event a miss for the first time in 44 years.

“There is no row. Both The Prince of Wales and the President of India will have a prominent role in the opening ceremony in Delhi. The Queen has asked The Prince of Wales to represent her at the opening of the Commonwealth Games.

“We cannot be specific about the choreography but The Prince will read out the Queen’s baton message, ending by declaring the Games open,” a statement from the Clarence House read.

Earlier, a British tabloid quoted some of the officials of the Indian Department of Information as saying that the President would open the Games.

The Queen’s Baton Relay has acted as the curtain-raiser to every Games since Cardiff in 1958.

It involves the Baton being sent off by the Queen, then carried through each Commonwealth nation until it is passed back to the Monarch as her message to the athletes is read out at the opening.

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