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CWG mess: PM cracks the whip, pulls up ministers
Fri Sep 24 11:26:18 2010
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 PrathamGoel image By PrathamGoel
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Nine days to go for the Commonwealth Games and in the face of international criticism after pictures of the dismal state of the Commonwealth Games Village were splashed world over, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday stepped in to clean up the Games mess.

Cracking the whip on cabinet collegaues, including Sports minister MS Gill and Urban Development Ministry Jaipal Reddy, the Prime Minister (PM) has directed them to stop passing the buck on Friday during a Cabinet meeting in New Delhi for the delay in the preparation for Commonwealth Games. During the meeting Singh told the ministers that the time to blame each other was over. He reportedly told them that it was now one country, one games, one government and that time was now running out.

The pictures that embarrassed the nation and the pictures that in the Prime Minister’s own words tarnished India's image, has now forced an 11th hour intervention at the highest level.

Singh also sent a strong message to Gill, who famously made light of the delays in the Games preparations in the past, by drawing parallels with an Indian monsoon wedding, asking him to behave like a Sports Minister of the country. Singh then criticised Reddy for sloppy work at the stadia, Games Village, cleanliness and the fall of foot overbridge near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

The image of the foot overbridge collapsing on Tuesday had sparked off fears among the visiting international teams of the lack of safety. Urban Development Minister Jaipal Reddy was told by the PM to get his act together.

The Prime Minister sources say has been very upset with the utter lack of coordination among the ministries and agencies. He told his cabinet colleagues on Friday that “the time to blame the other is now over. It is now one country, one games, one Government and time is running out".

He added that Commonwealth Games Organising Committee Chief Suresh Kalmadi was not the only person to be blamed for the state of affairs and warned that action would be taken against those found not doing enough.

"It is important that few days are left and the PM took personal initiative. He is reviewing it personally, lets all hope everything works well and we will have very successful Games that the whole country will be proud of" said Science and Technology Minister Prithviraj Chavan.

Commonwealth Games Federation President, Mike Fennell, who had slammed the Games Village as filthy and unlivable met with the Cabinet Secretary the PM, man-in-charge of overseeing the Games.

Sources now say that professional help is being sought to aid that operation clean up. Five star hotels in Delhi city are pitching in with house keeping and cleaning staff.

Heaven and earth will be moved to get the Commonwealth Games going with as little embarrassment as possible. Because it is now its no longer about only Suresh Kalmadi but it is about the pride of the nation. A nation which is aspiring to be a global superpower. Therefore, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has stepped in to clean up the Commonwealth Games mess.

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Kushsaraswat  Thu Nov 11 07:01:19 2010

gr8 words
Ronninviks  Fri Sep 24 11:30:20 2010

God only knows, whether PM has pulled up Ministers or MEDIA?. There is so much corruption, we can not belive any one. Even I opine only the nations that have the practices of corruption only are participating. In case youth and sportsmen wants to fight for clean world, should be out from most corrupt atmosphere.
Kushsaraswat  Fri Sep 24 11:30:20 2010

Very true... no body cares for CWG
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