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First Keyboard with the New Rupee Sign Arrives
Mon Aug 16 21:27:54 2010
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 madanme image By Madanme
Member since:Jun 22, 2010 23:18:57

Just weeks after the new symbol for the Indian Rupee was unveiled, there were talks about who would be the first to integrate the symbol to their systems (both, hardware and software). While folks have already made the new Rupee font available for download, what was missing so far was a keyboard that could actually let you type in the symbol with ease.

Well, your wait has ended  - thanks to folks over at TVS who have just announced the launch of its latest keyboard, the Gold Bharat which  happens to be first keyboard to come with the new Indian Rupee sign. TVS has intelligently decided to launch the keyboard on the eve of India's 63rd Independence Day.

The Gold Bharat keyboard supports up to 50 million strokes per switch. And boasts of a very light touch operating force of 60 + 15 cN. TVS adds that the keytops are etched by laser and are wear resistant well. The keyboard supports both USB and PS/2 interfaces. It is mechanical in nature and is claimed to be highly reliable thanks to its 200,000 hours mean time between failure rating.

The Gold Bharat keyboard will set you back by Rs.1,495.

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