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World IP Addresses Would Be Used Up In A Year: Reports
Mon Jul 26 23:40:40 2010
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 madanme image By Madanme
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According to experts, the world will run out of internet addresses in less than a year. So, there is the need to shift to a new protocol to cater to the heavy demands from the web users, experts warned in the report.


Geoff Huston, an internet expert has given some presentations on this exhaustion in internet addresses. He gave his presentation titled ‘IPv4 Address Lifetime Expectancy Revisited’ in 2003, where he showed the trends in IP address deployment.


IPv4 is the common internet protocol used by the majority of web users, which is designed to provide about four billion IP addresses. But, it is expected to reach its limit by 2012.


IP address is the unique 32-digit number used to identify each computer, website or internet-connected device.


As per a recent report, there are currently only 232 million IP addresses left, which can last for about 340 days. The anticipated shortage is attributed to the dramatic revolution in smartphones and various other technologies.


An Australian ISP provider said, "When the IPv4 protocol was developed 30 years ago, it seemed to be a reasonable attempt at providing enough addresses.”


"Bearing in mind that at that point personal computers didn't really exist, the idea that mobile phones might want an IP address hadn't occurred to anybody because mobile phones hadn't been invented [and] the idea that air-conditioners and refrigerators might want them was utterly ludicrous," he added.


IPv6 is the only practical and readily available long-term solution to IPv4 address exhaustion. It would give more than four billion addresses. However, the transition to the IPv6 has been very slow.


Most of the organizations are reluctant to accept it because it would require each device that connects to the internet to be either reconfigured or upgraded, which may cost more.

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Murari MohanMadan Mohan
Murari  Tue Jul 27 00:08:11 2010

I am sure, there will definately be any solution for this problem.
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