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Why our brains 'light up' over celebrity endorsements
Wed Jul 14 01:22:34 2010
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 ady1321 image By Ady1321
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London, July 14 (ANI): If you were to watch Charlize Theron selling a pair of Jimmy Choos, chances are you would remember it for a longer time because she is a celebrity.

A new study from Erasmus University found heightened activity in a certain part of the brain of volunteers when confronted with a celebrity, reports the BBC.

The same effect was not observed when pictures of an attractive non-celebrity were presented.

According to Mirre Stallen, it could not be because of the celebrity's attractiveness or their expertise, but only persuasiveness of fame itself.

Surprisingly, despite remembering the ad for a long time, the reaction wouldn't manifest itself as an immediate desire to buy.

The find is published in the Journal of Economic Psychology. (ANI)

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Madan Mohan
Madanme  Wed Jul 14 02:48:24 2010

because every people wants to be there.
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