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Aditi Sharma's Posts
FACTBOX - Trial shows an AIDS gel can protect women
Tue Jul 20 23:25:03 2010    views: 371 | Comments: 0
REUTERS - A trial of women in South Africa shows that a gel made using Gilead Sciences Inc's HIV drug tenofovir lowered the rate of HIV infections in women by 39 percent over two and a half years. It is the first trial to show a microbicide might protect women from the deadly and incurable virus, which has killed 25 million people since... Read More
Why our brains 'light up' over celebrity endorsements
Wed Jul 14 01:22:34 2010    views: 359 | Comments: 1
London, July 14 (ANI): If you were to watch Charlize Theron selling a pair of Jimmy Choos, chances are you would remember it for a longer time because she is a celebrity. A new study from Erasmus University found heightened activity in a certain part of the brain of volunteers when confronted with a celebrity, reports the BBC. The... Read More
Life is a Song
Fri Jul 9 04:06:13 2010    views: 461 | Comments: 0
01/07/2010 1 30 am Nothing new in that ? but yes the "sur" keeps on changing with the change of time- there are moments when you just feel caressed by melancholy- one enjoys the solitude, its "me" time . Thats when you come up close and personal with yourself- this moment of solitude throws up so many questions pertaining to your own life.... Read More
Aghast - Horror Suspense Thriller Complete Novel
Fri Jul 9 03:57:45 2010    views: 428 | Comments: 0
Ch-1: A horrified Scream. ( Free Novels - Aghast ) It was a dark gloom night and it was raining like a hell. Everywhere around in the atmosphere cricket’s chirping sound could be heard. On a huge tree, near the bungalow, an owl soaked in the rain water, sat. Its penetrating flitting eyes moved around and settled on a window through... Read More