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Ronnin Vic's Posts
Do you know the new rules for train journeys?
Thu Nov 1 23:11:39 2012    views: 476 | Comments: 0
New Delhi: In an attempt to facilitate travel of bonafide passengers and reduce misuse of ticketing system, the railways on Thursday decided to extend the condition of carrying original proof of identity during travel on reserved tickets for all classes in a train. The change will come into effect from December 1, said a statement from the... Read More
Firefox OS will be cheaper than Android
Wed Jul 11 02:28:58 2012    views: 436 | Comments: 0
The first device with Firefox OSwill cost less than $100 (Rs 5,500). This was revealed by Matthew Key, the chief operating officer of Telefonica, a telecom operator which will be using Mozilla's upcoming mobile operating system that was announced recently. He also revealed that Brazil will be the first country to receive the device, which... Read More
Samsung may introduce its own social networking service soon to compete with Facebook
Sun Jun 17 22:49:23 2012    views: 465 | Comments: 0
Samsung may soon come out with its very own social networking service to make its presence felt in Social Network market, according to Korea Times.   The service does not have a name yet, but is internally codenamed 'Samsung Facebook', and will be accessible on a wide range of smartphones, tablets, cameras, and televisions.... Read More
Indiagames Partners VAS Startup MoMagic For Developing Mobile Games
Wed May 9 01:41:37 2012    views: 493 | Comments: 0
Digital gaming firm Indiagames has tied up with MoMagic Technologies, a Noida-based VAS company for developing new games based on MediaTek’s (an investor in MoMagic) Maui Runtime Environment (MRE) Platform (MediaTek Inc is a Taiwanese-based fables semiconductor company). The MRE platform basically allows developers to... Read More
Chinese Student Makes Homemade iPad For His Girlfriend
Thu Dec 1 03:03:22 2011    views: 465 | Comments: 0
A student in Northeast China proved that not every technology gift has to come from a big box store. Wei Xinlong, a student at Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China, wanted to get his girlfriend an iPad as a gift, but lacked the funds to purchase one from a store. So instead he took an old second-hand laptop, a few cheap online parts... Read More
China Back Pedals on Aid Cooperation
Wed Nov 30 03:03:22 2011    views: 469 | Comments: 0
Leaders of the richest nations are meeting in South Korea to discuss global cooperation on aid. China is one of the participants, but its cooperation appears to be waning, as it advised Talaat Abdel-Malek, chair of the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness, that the country is not ready to work on a worldwide level on the issue of aid.This is the... Read More
From Garage to Wall Street
Thu Aug 4 02:57:14 2011    views: 508 | Comments: 1
Google started its first workspace in Susan Wojcicki's garage in Santa Margartia, Menlo Park. Later with their expansion, they outgrew their garage office and moved to new digs in Palo Alto   with just eight employees. In August 1999, they shifted to their first Mountain View location, a few miles south of Stanford University. Today... Read More
Be careful about these Chinese products : Hair bands made from used condoms and threads
Fri Jul 22 06:54:31 2011    views: 546 | Comments: 0
Be cautious of hair bands at open markets around the city – they are probably from China since they are purchased in bulk very very cheap !!!!Take a good look before buying hair bands in future – specially like the following kind….. Be cautious of hair bands at open markets around the city – they are probably from... Read More
चीन: दो...
Tue Jul 19 19:42:10 2011    views: 435 | Comments: 0
बीजिंग। चीन में दो पूर्व उप मेयरों को भ्रष्टाचार का दोषी... Read More
Google chairman to testify at Senate hearing
Sat Jul 9 21:04:47 2011    views: 490 | Comments: 0
(Reuters) - Google Inc Chairman Eric Schmidt has agreed to testify at a September hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee's Antitrust Subcommittee, lawmakers said on Friday. Google, a global leader in search engine advertising, is in the midst of an antitrust probe by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over alleged abuses of its... Read More
Special treatment for Kalmadi in tihar; probe ordered
Sat Jul 2 21:01:52 2011    views: 470 | Comments: 0
Tihar Prison authorities on Saturday ordered a probe into reports claiming that sacked CWG organising committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi is getting special treatment inside the jail premises. Jail Superintendent S C Bharadwaj, in whose room Kalmadi was reportedly found having tea by inspecting trial court judge Brijesh Kumar Garg during a... Read More
Thu Jun 23 01:04:32 2011    views: 579 | Comments: 0
Companies request an audit in order to provide confidence to investors that their financial statements and reporting are accurate. In order to insure against potential litigation arising from missed financial improprieties, such as material misstatements, auditors will typically carry malpractice insurance. Audit risk is... Read More
We are looking forward to develop a website for Blacklist Employees, What are your thoughts about...
Mon Apr 11 10:11:58 2011    views: 460 | Comments: 0
You have mouthshut etc to share feedback about a product, labour commission to safe guard employees, but not a single platform to safe guard employers. Hence we are thinking to build a platform to list down blacklisted employees, so that their future employer can review the details before employing any employee, since at time reference check... Read More
Day 2 of Anna Hazare's fast against corruption
Tue Apr 5 21:37:54 2011    views: 374 | Comments: 0
New Delhi:  Social activist Anna Hazare has entered the second day of his fast-unto-death as part of a campaign that asks the government to enact an important new law to fight corruption.Mr Hazare has vowed to continue his hunger strike till the government proves its commitment to the Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's Ombudsman Bill).What the... Read More
Shahid Afridi for his comments that Indians are "not as large-hearted as Pakistanis"
Mon Apr 4 20:09:42 2011    views: 440 | Comments: 0
Former Pakistan skipper Aamir Sohail today slammed current captain Shahid Afridi for his comments that Indians are "not as large-hearted as Pakistanis", saying that the staement was "immaturish and untimely". Afridi had said after reaching home following Pakistan's semifinal exit from the World Cup that it would be very difficult for Pakistanis... Read More