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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Tue Aug 3 23:52:19 2010

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, released on 16 July 2005, is the sixth of seven novels from British author J. K. Rowling's popular Harry Potter series. Set during Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts, the novel explores Lord Voldemort's  past, and Harry's preparations for the final battle amidst emerging romantic relationships... Read More

The God of Small Things
Mon Jul 26 03:46:52 2010

The God of Small Things (1997) is a first book of Arundhati Roy. It is a story about the childhood experiences of a pair of fratemal twins who become victims of circumstance. The book is a description of how the small things in life build up, translate into people's behavior and affect their lives. The book won the... Read More

2 States -The Story of My Marriage by Rupa
Tue Jul 13 02:07:35 2010

Her Counterfeit Husband

Mustang, Montana

Silhouette Intimate Moments #885 10/98

by Carla Cassidy

Even before her heartless husband disappeared, Elena Richards
knew their marriage was over. But now a decidedly different
"Travis" was back -- with amnesia! -- and Elena was carrying
his child.... Read More

Aghast - Horror Suspense Thriller Complete Novel
Fri Jul 9 03:57:45 2010

Ch-1: A horrified Scream. ( Free Novels - Aghast )

It was a dark gloom night and it was raining like a hell. Everywhere around in the atmosphere cricket’s chirping sound could be heard. On a huge tree,... Read More

Wed Jun 30 06:31:54 2010

Pinjar One of novel Written by Amrita Pritam 

About Pinjar :

Pinjar tells the story of Puro, a young woman of Hindu background, finding herself living a lovely life - in a period circling the time of the Partition of 1947 - with her family. All is well for Puro, who... Read More

Alice Munro bags Man Booker prize 2009
Sun Jun 27 22:42:18 2010

 London, May 27: Acclaimed short story writer Alice Munro has won the third Man Booker International Prize, beating the likes of Mahasweta Devi and VS Naipaul.The award, worth 60,000 pounds, is given every two years to a living author for a body of work that has contributed to an achievement in fiction on the world stage.The first Man... Read More



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