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Villages to be Connected via Broadband Net by 2012
Fri Oct 29 05:59:31 2010

A Rediff Business article reports that Minister of State for IT and Communications Sachin Pilot expressed his views on getting rural India on the broadband Internet bandwagon. "The commitment of the... Read More

Samsung unveils high definition 3D TVs
Wed Aug 4 21:42:34 2010

Consumer electronics behemoth Samsung Wednesday unveiled its high definition (HD) three dimension (3D) light-emitting diode (LED) television sets with flat panel to offer home entertainment for discerning viewers.

'We have introduced the flat panel high definition 3D TV sets to... Read More

World IP Addresses Would Be Used Up In A Year: Reports
Mon Jul 26 23:40:40 2010
According to experts, the world will run out of internet addresses in less than a year. So, there is the need to shift to a new protocol to cater to the heavy demands from the web users, experts warned in the report.
Geoff Huston,... Read More
Man claims aliens targeted his home with meteorites
Tue Jul 20 23:40:45 2010

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Why our brains 'light up' over celebrity endorsements
Wed Jul 14 01:22:34 2010

London, July 14 (ANI): If you were to watch Charlize Theron selling a pair of Jimmy Choos, chances are you would remember it for a longer time because she is a celebrity.

A new study from Erasmus University found heightened activity in a certain part of the brain of volunteers when confronted... Read More

ANI Soon, a car for visually challenged drivers
Fri Jul 9 01:26:06 2010

London, July 2 (ANI): A new car that could help visually challenged motorists to drive is under development, according to researchers.

The National Federation of the Blind and Virginia Tech say they hope to demonstrate a prototype that helps a sightless person to get behind the wheel in... Read More

Cisco to hire 3,000 personnel over next 2 years
Wed Jul 7 22:17:03 2010

Mumbai: With a view to provide enhanced ICT services in India, networking giant Cisco Systems plans to hire 3,000 professionals over the next two years, a top company official said.

"We are quite happy about our Indian operations. As Bangalore is the second head office for Cisco after California, we...
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Cell Transplants for Macular Degeneration
Wed Jun 23 22:59:15 2010

Rats genetically engineered to lose their sight can be protected from blindness by injections of human neural stem cells, according to research presented at the International Society for Stem Cell Research conference in San Francisco last week.  Read More



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