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Do you know the new rules for train journeys?
Thu Nov 1 23:11:39 2012

New Delhi: In an attempt to facilitate travel of bonafide passengers and reduce misuse of ticketing system, the railways on Thursday decided to extend the condition of carrying original proof of identity during travel on reserved tickets for all classes in a train.

The change will come into effect...
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Google chairman to testify at Senate hearing
Sat Jul 9 21:04:47 2011

(Reuters) - Google Inc Chairman Eric Schmidt has agreed to testify at a September hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee's Antitrust Subcommittee, lawmakers said on Friday.

Google, a global leader in search engine... Read More

Special treatment for Kalmadi in tihar; probe ordered
Sat Jul 2 21:01:52 2011

Tihar Prison authorities on Saturday ordered a probe into reports claiming that sacked CWG organising committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi is getting special treatment inside the jail premises.

Jail Superintendent S C Bharadwaj, in whose room Kalmadi was reportedly found having tea by inspecting trial court judge Brijesh... Read More

G8 protests - Obama gets lost on way to summit? (picture)
Mon Jun 28 03:07:34 2010

 President Obama and other world leaders got lost while en route to the G8 Summit in Huntsville, Canada today. The media spotted them in River Mill Park, where they were huddled over maps arguing over which way to go. Before anyone had a chance to offer them directions, it was discovered that imposters with giant heads had replaced the... Read More

Obama to meet PM Manmohan Singh on the sidelines of G20 summit
Wed Jun 23 21:52:01 2010

Washington, DC: US president Barack Obama will meet prime minister Manmohan Singh on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Toronto, a top Indian official said today.

"Prime minister would be traveling for the G20, he will be meeting president Obama," Union minister of commerce and industry Anand Sharma told Indian... Read More



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