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Live-in partner should be like wife to seek maintenance
Thu Oct 21 22:29:22 2010

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has held that a woman in a live-in relationship will be entitled to maintenance only if she fulfils certain parameters. A bench, comprising Justices Markandey Katju and T S Thakur, said an unmarried woman will not be able to claim maintenance by... Read More

Railway restricts online ticketing, Cos concerned
Thu Aug 12 21:52:43 2010

New Delhi: Three digital payment companies, Itz Cash Card, Suvidhaa and OSS Retails (Done Card) have issued a joint statement expressing concern over the new Indian Railways policy from IRCTC, barring them from booking online tickets from 8 am to 9 am. The company's representatives are planning to meet IRCTC to ask them to reconsider their... Read More

18 foreign banks keen to set up shop in India
Wed Aug 11 22:14:43 2010

New Delhi: The Reserve Bank is processing applications of 18 foreign banks, which have shown interest in setting up branches and representative offices in the country, Parliament was informed on Tuesday.

"As on date, applications by RBI from 18 foreign banks for opening maiden branch/representative...
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P=NP riddle solved? Indian scientist proposes proof
Wed Aug 11 21:38:33 2010

New Delhi: A scientist named Vinay Deolalikar at Hewlett-Packard (HP) Labs in California has come up with a possible proof for the famed P=NP problem in mathematics. The feat can make him earn $1 million (Rs. 4.6 crore) for solving one of the seven Clay Mathematics Institute Millennium Problems, reports Samanth... Read More

33% of Indian civil servants want to step down: Survey
Wed Aug 11 21:36:15 2010

New Delhi: A survey shows that a third of respondents considered resigning from the Civil Services due to better opportunities elsewhere and other reasons, parliament was told Wednesday.

Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office Prithviraj Chavan said the Civil Services Survey 2010 showed that...
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U.S. Senator calls Infy chop shop - a shop that sells stolen goods
Sun Aug 8 21:40:43 2010

Washington: Criticizing companies outsourcing highly-paid American jobs, a US Senator has described Indian IT major Infosys as a "chop shop", a place where stolen cars are dismantled and parts sold separately. A U.S. senator supported raising H1-B visa fees for them to raise $600 million to secure the porous... Read More

Leaders take lessons from IT industry biggies @ Leadership Summit
Thu Aug 5 23:13:07 2010

Bangalore: Siliconindia Leadership Summit was organized today at the Taj Residency, Bangalore. The Summit offered a platform to the leaders of the Indian technology industry to come and share their views on various aspects of leadership.

It saw more than 300 attendees taking lessons from IT industry...
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Bihar train robbery: Dacoits loot Lal Quila express
Thu Aug 5 23:06:25 2010

Patna: Early on Friday morning, about 50 armed men walked into three air-conditioned coaches of a train at a temporary halt in Bihar, stole valuables and cash, beat up passengers leaving 25 injured and walked out. One passenger has gunshot wounds.

The passengers are livid. They have alleged that there was no... Read More

83-year-old woman to steer Indian hockey
Thu Aug 5 05:41:51 2010

NEW DELHI: A career politician, 83-year old Vidya Stokes was elected Hockey India president after defeating former national captain Pargat Singh in the... Read More

IT, BPO to create 30m jobs by 2020: Nasscom
Wed Aug 4 22:57:28 2010

CHENNAI: After a tough year that saw the IT & BPO industry cutting back on hiring, software lobby Nasscom has now given a positive forecast for the next decade. Nasscom estimates that the IT & BPO sector will provide direct employment of 10 million and indirect employment of 20 million by 2020.

Nasscom... Read More

11 and 13 year kids to be India's youngest MBA Grads
Wed Aug 4 22:38:48 2010

Bangalore: Neel Joshi, 13 and his brother Deep, 11, class eight and class six students of Thakur Vidya Mandir School at Kandivali East in Mumbai are on their way to become India's youngest MBA graduates as they have finished their first semester MBA with distinction from an institute affiliated to a U.S. varsity.... Read More

Solar tsunami auroras expected
Wed Aug 4 21:21:49 2010

Cape Town - The shower of ionised atoms, or plasma, set to strike the Earth this week after Sunday’s “solar tsunami” eruption of plasma on the surface of the sun will lead to spectacular light displays in the night skies, mainly in the northern hemisphere.

Earth orbiting satellites detected that nearly the... Read More

BlackBerry Maker Resists Governments’ Pressure
Wed Aug 4 04:56:20 2010

That pressure increased on Tuesday asSaudi Arabia ordered local cellphone providers to halt BlackBerry service, saying it failed to meet the country’s regulatory requirements.

Mike Lazaridis, founder and co-chief executive of R.I.M, said in an interview that allowing governments to monitor messages shuttling across the... Read More

‘Static Kill’ Appears to Be Working in Well, BP Says
Wed Aug 4 04:51:33 2010

HOUSTON — BP announced Wednesday that pumping heavy drilling mud into its stricken well in the Gulf of Mexico had appeared to stabilize pressure in the well.

The company began the pumping operation on Tuesday with the hope of sealing the well permanently or at least revealing critical clues on how to kill it before the end of... Read More

Italian PM shared bed with 3 prostitutes!
Wed Aug 4 03:31:53 2010

Silvio Berlusconi is again in trouble – this time accused of hiring prostitutes – three at the same time. Maria Teresa "Terry" De Nicolo, a 38-year-old escort claimed that she and two others from Rome had been invited to visit Berlusconi. She claimed the prime minister gave her jewellery, but also said that all the invited... Read More



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