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Meet Vivek Oberoi’s fiancée
Tue Aug 3 21:38:15 2010

Their’s may be an arranged marriage, but actor Vivek Oberoi and fiancée Priyanka Alva may well have been a love match, given how much they have in common.

The daughter of renowned dancer Nandini and late politician Jeevaraj Alva, Priyanka has a few close friends and lives simply. A businessmanagement graduate from... Read More

Mom-in-law has domesticated me: Eesha Koppikhar
Wed Jul 21 00:00:47 2010

When Bollywood's 'Khalaas' girl Eesha Koppikhar tied the knot with restaurateur Timmy Narang, she broke many hearts, but eight months down the line the actress says that she has been completely domesticated by her mother-in-law.

 Read More
Deepika-Ranbir fight again
Fri Jul 16 01:29:23 2010

Bollywood Trade News Network

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor might be trying to get back together one more time, but it seems the spark of love is missing in their... Read More

Bachchan's Polish Perk: Salt Lord Ganesha
Tue Jul 13 01:51:30 2010

Tuesday Jul 13 12:13 PM

Ash ruined it for Amitabh Bachchan. Er, volcanic ash, that is. The redoubtable B was earlier scheduled to visit Poland as the Chief Guest at the International Film Festival of Independent Cinema at Krakow. The plan, however,... Read More

Careers that produce celebrity
Thu Jun 24 00:30:18 2010

Some professional activities, by the nature of being high-paid, highly exposed, and difficult to get into, are likely to confer celebrity status. For example, movie stars and television actors with lead roles... Read More



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